Sunday, February 21, 2010




Q: What happens when you can't find your camera????



I mentioned DANCING RIGHT!!!!

Lake Arrowhead trip

Well first off we have to say thankyou to the AMAZING SISTER GUNNELL for putting this together she did a wonderful job!! We went up to the snow with the girls. We left Friday and that night Sister Gunnell, Decocq and Aaragon gave a BEAUTIFUL fireside!! Then we had cookie and hot cocoa and danced the night away!! Saturday we woke and and had a good Morning side by Sister Mcdowell and Sister Skinner made some YUMMY cinnamon and orange rolls. Sister Skinner also gave each person a beanie and they turned out so cute!!! Then we headed off to go SLEDDING!! And we got some AMAZING PICTURES!!! I am going to do two post one with sledding pics and the other with out!!

Pamper Night!!

Sister Freeman came and taught the girls about skin care and did a WONDERFUL job and the girls LOVED it and learned how to make home made skin care!!! Then Corrine taught the girls about Nail care and Sister Gunnell taught them how to shape eyebrows. It was a great activity and what girl doesn't like to get pampered!!!


TAYLOR just turned 14 and so excited for her to be a Mia Maid now. Well on her first mutual in the Mia Maids class the Beehives made her a CANDY BOARD!! They are so AWESOME!!! It was really cute what they did!!

Mia Maid night

For mutual one night we decided to have a get to know you night and personal progress. While Sister Decocq took each girl to see how they were doing in p.p we played a fun game. Where you had to roll the dice and get doubles and then put on gloves a beanie try to open a chocolate bar with plastic knives! It was a BLAST to see how the girls did and had so much fun!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Personal Progress Fair

We had the annual Personal Progress Fair this last week and it was AWESOME!! The Stake did an AMAZING job and all the girls had a great time. They were able to pass of ALOT of personal progress!!! There were five classes that they were able to go to. They made vision boards, temple blocks, had a class on treating their Book of Mormon like their cell phone, a class of Roles of a Woman. Also our very own Emily did her 10 hour project and taught all the girls from the stake how to make hamburger deserts. Corrine taught the class as well. It was a great day and we are glad all you girls came!